Nippie's by Bristol 6

Styling tape to secure the skimpiest of dresses and keep everything in it's place.

Lingerie quality pasties, styling tape and assorted accessories by Bristol 6.

Open any fashion magazine and you will see breasts. Naked breasts, small breasts, big breasts, sagging and enhanced breasts. Whatever size or shape they are in, showing off what nature gave us is haute. Yet all of the strap less, deep V, cut to the navel, off the shoulder, sheer mesh, lace and pieced together styles can make wearing a bra unfashionable and basically impossible. Nippie's are a patch of freedom you won't want to hide. Silicone Nippie's natural for invisible skin-like coverage. Washable and reusable up to 50 times.

Styling Tape, Style N' Fix, Hem Tape, Adjust-A-Button and the displays to make it all work in your store.
Several hats and tees are available for Nippie's products to maximize sales potential.
Bistol 6 fans top the "A" list with Lady Gaga featuring the product in many of her videos. Don't go down the RED carpet without it.