Paula Alison Sales


Q. Can anyone buy products from your companies?


A. No, sorry. You must be a retailer with a valid state sales tax ID.


Q. Can anyone come to the Las Vegas International Lingerie show


A. All buyers must be registered with the show to receive a pass for entry. After registration, you may attend all markets. For information on the markets, visit:


Q. How long does it take to deliver your products?


A. Most of our companies deliver in about 2 weeks or sooner.


Q. Do your manufacturers drop-ship?


A. Yes, we do drop-ship.


Q. What territory or region do you cover?


A. All reputable manufacturers have designated sales rep's for different parts of the US, as well as any foreign countries or provinces. Our territory covers all of Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi. You should be VERY skeptical of anyone claiming to service the whole planet; they could be just a re-seller or distributor and not the manufacturer's representative.


Q. How will I pay for my merchandise when I order?


A. Most orders are shipped credit card, established businesses can apply to our credit departments for terms.


Q. Can I have merchandise shipped to a P. O. Box?


A. Usually not. None of our companies will ship to a P. O. Box unless it's a mail center or prior arrangements have been made for payment. Also, we will not ship to a temporary address such as a hotel if you happen to be traveling.

Q. Can I do special orders for my customers?

A. Absolutely, most lines have NO or SMALL MINIMUMS and are happy to help you please your customers.

Q. What do I do if I have a problem?

A. We have very few problems, but if you do, call your friendly sales rep, and it will be taken care of ASAP!!!!